Half-Elf Cleric


Fair skin and dark auburn hair, bright green eyes.

Her pointed ears (though not as tall as her father’s) cause her to stand out among the humans who raised her.

She has a small lean build standing no taller than 5”3

She wears heavy armor and a small holy symbol around her neck. Her mother gave her the necklace on her 14th birthday and it is more valuable to her than all her other possessions (which is not a lot) combine


The daughter of an elven father and human mother, Lyra was raised almost solely by her mother, with the help of the small family they had built. Lyra’s father did not seem to view having a child as much more than an inconvenient obligation. He would check in if he was passing through town but he was never warm toward Lyra and he offered very little in the way of finical support. In contrast, Lyra’s mother was affectionate and loving. She doted on Lyra and made many sacrifices to provide her child with the best life possible.
Her mother worked in a small but popular brothel called Velvet. The brothel was run by a madam and was considered to be “high end”. Discretion was considered a specialty of Velvet, and they were rumored to have secret private entrances for top paying clients. Despite having what many may consider a unique childhood, Lyra always felt it to be a positive experience. The women at Velvet were kind and funny, not to mention beautiful, and they often helped to care for Lyra when her mother was working. She spent hours with all these woman. They would teach her to cook their favorite meals, tell her stories of adventure and magic, and help her with homework. It was through these women, in this place of “sin” that Lyra first learned of Sune, the Goddess of Love and Beauty. Most of the women working at Velvet prayed to Sune and when Lyra asked questions they would tell her stories of love and how Sune brought them beauty and helped them to see the beauty in everyone. There was a small temple to Sune built in a private part of Velvet. As Lyra grew older she spent more and more time in the temple, praying and learning about what love really is, and what makes people truly beautiful.
At age nineteen Lylra’s mother died, leaving her heartbroken and feeling more alone than she ever had. It was with the comfort and love of the women at Velvet that she returned to Sune to find a way to grieve the loss of her mother and hopefully heal. It became quickly apparent to Lyra that she was being called to serve as a cleric of Sune. This was how she would honor the love and sacrifice of her mother, this was how she would make her mother proud.
After years of prayer and study Lyra is ready to set out as a cleric of Sune! What better way to honor her mother than by helping those in need through the Goddess of Love and Beauty. As far as Lyra is concerned the best way to go about this is to join an adventurer’s guild. Luckily for Lyra she is quite close with one of the most well connected people in Duncaster….Madam Casandra White. Lyra does not know how Casandra knows Eiein or what strings Casandra pulled to get Lyra into Post # 132 so quickly, and she doesn’t ask. She simply hugs Casandra and sets off to fulfill her calling….
Trips, falls, knocks candy out of a child’s hand on the way down, clinks and clatter back to her feet, hands dirt covered candy back to the now crying child, and continues to walk with purpose, a wide smile on her face…oh yeah this is going to be great.


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