Pocket Full of Sunshine (Sunshine)

Tabaxi Cleric


23 Years old
One forest green eye, one baby blue eye
All white fur
Long and fluffy tail that reaches to her ankles, and is constantly twitching and swaying back and forth.


Sunshine, like Gale of Wind, comes from the Island of Estrigal. As a young Tabaxi her and her sister, Little Flower, would listen to the stories and lores the clan elders would tell about their travels, and ancestry. What interested them both was the lore of the Cat Lord, the deity to most Tabaxi. The idea that he was watching over them, protecting them and helping guide them in the right direction was what drove Sunshine and her sister to become Clerics, something highly unusual for most Tabaxi.
One day when Sunshine was a teenager, her and Little Flower were fishing in the Moshun Ocean when all of a sudden Little Flower was no longer in sight. It is assumed that she got caught in a rip current and was pulled under.
Angry at The Cat Lord for not protecting her sister, she turned away from him and found comfort in a new Deity; Selune, Goddess of the Moon, which she chose for her love of knowledge and light. With that, she vowed one day to get revenge on Umberlee, the Deity of the Ocean who she blames for taking her sister from her.
Years passed, and while she was still angry, she had channeled it into love, light and devotion for her goddess, figuring out as much as she could from the elders, and her own research. Her curiosity is what convinced her to go on the ship to Auchindale. The journey was especially rough for her, since, it was traveling over the same ocean which took her sister, but she survived, and in Duncaster she thrived.
Her first few months there she went to as many temples and taverns as she could, getting the lay of the land and meeting as many people as she could. Getting lores and stories from everyone she met. Like most Tabaxi though, she does like to pull little tricks on people who she feels are more powerful than herself.
She was brought into the Guild as a way to make money so she could continue her quest for revenge, although she now feels comfortable enough with them to settle for a while.

Pocket Full of Sunshine (Sunshine)

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