Dakath Gennan

Firbolg Druid

  • 132 years old, 7"8’ and 353lbs
  • Pale blue eyes, brown hair connecting to a brown beard
  • Blue/gray skin, toned, lean muscle over his tall frame
  • Friendly, warm demeanor that almost appears aloof at times

Dakath has never had an easy go of it; life that is. I’d be hard enough to assimilate into society as a tall fellow like he was, but add to that his obviously inhuman attributes and you knew he would have troubles come his way.

Growing up under the watchful eyes of his elven parents in Forlolthin Forrest, Dakath thankfully knew love. He knew at a young age he was physically different, but nothing in all of Auchindale, better yet the world itself, could convince him that their love wasn’t real. Dakath’s connection to the forrest was always present and deep within his soul. He had a persistent desire to explore his surroundings, help injured creatures and simply soak in the sun and shadows of the realm. His mother first worried of his exploration taking him too far, but found that strangely enough, she never had difficulty finding him. Some might chalk this up to a “connection between mother and child” but Dakath’s mother was far more perceptive than that It wasn’t that she knew where to find him, it’s that the forrest seemed to guide her to him. That connection eventually allowed her to trust that Dakath was safe among the undergrowth unlike she had ever known.

Around his hundredth birthday, Dakath found himself yearning to go beyond the boundaries of the forrest. He loved his home but he knew there was more to see, more to experience. and more to protect. Forlolthin wanted him, but did not need him. His parents disagreed, but understood that they could not keep him tied to a place that while filled with love, was also filled with an emptiness that only the outside world could fill. With his quarterstaff at his side and a long hug with each of his parents, Dakath was off.

Word among the elves in Forlolthin was that the nearest town to the North was a wonderful place with many races, occupations and sites to be seen. He had a hard time remembering it’s name; Dooncastle? Duncosker? Naming conventions never really made sense to him, even his own. This did not matter though as it would become home and home was all it needed to be. His pace hurried with the thought despite a feeling of sorrow the moment he cleared the boundaries of the forrest. It would always be home but he needed to grow himself.

Duncaster was different. Dakath was different. At least they shared that in common because they shared nothing else. He was immediately met with eyes that widened to the size of wells, and mouths that poured commentary using words he’d never heard. The discomfort was rising. Home wasn’t far. He could be back in only a few da—- NO. There was no backing down. He was a stranger to this place so their thoughts were warranted. He tried to see things from their eyes, even if those eyes were only five feet off the ground. It was time to find a purpose here.

While roaming Duncaster, Dakath asked a local market stall owner about work. She replied that she didn’t have enough to pay her current workers, better yet a beast the size of four combined. Seems these people had some real issues about body size. That gave Dakath an idea. If the bodily size mattered more than that which was inside to these people, it was well worth using that to his advantage. Dakath asked another local, “Where might a fellow like myself find work befitting to my size?” The local gazed up to Dakath like he was about to be killed until reaching Dakath’s kind face. The local softened up a little and replied, “Well you might try the ”/wikis/the-adventurers-guild" class=“wiki-page-link”> Adventurer’s Guild. I have heard the local post’s quartermaster is always looking for… unique individuals like yourself." Knowing no better, Dakath found this a suitable answer and got further direction for finding this Adventurer’s Guild for himself.

Locating Post #132 was easy; getting in the door was hard. Upon entry, Dakath asked to speak with the quartermaster. While waiting, he looked about the room and considered his journey so far. There has been a lot of the little pink-skins; Humans he had heard they were called. This place was not much different but he did see some flecks of variety. That felt like a welcoming sensation as an armor-clad woman approached him. “Welcome to the ”/wikis/the-adventurers-guild" class=“wiki-page-link”> Adventurer’s Guild, Post #132! I am Eilein Al’en, quartermaster, and by Pelor himself I hope you are looking to join us. You appear to be colored like slate and as strong as it too. Let’s talk." Dakath did not know what this “slate” was that Eilein referred to but it would not be that last time that comparison was made.

Within the day, Dakath knew he was in the right place. He could use his abilities for the good of all those around. He could protect those who needed protection and band together with like-minded individuals. He could meet other unique people this way as well, and get cherished moments of camaraderie rather than the normal outcast sensation that was often wrapped around him. He specifically asked Eilein to let him start as a worker to learn the town, the people and their ways. She obliged but made sure he knew she wanted more for him than moving boxes and tending to the post.

Days turned to weeks, weeks to months and months to years. He became one of the few faces that people could count on seeing when they came to Post #132 thanks to his work at the Guild. As time went on, he finally accepted the role of an Adventurer. He would take on missions for the guild and need to leave that which became his new home. While difficult, it was very rewarding to Dakath. He was never allowed to forget how different he was than those around him, but there was more in common than ever with the people he encountered. Time would tell what impact he would make, but regardless he felt more fulfilled, if lonely, than ever before.

Dakath Gennan

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