Gale of Wind

Tabaxi Monk


• 24 years old, 6’3” and 215lbs
• Forest green eyes, golden-brown fur with darker jaguar spots
• Whether twitching ears, incessant tail, or something else, Gale always seems to give the impression of movement, even at rest

Gale dresses simply in loose, flowing brown garb. In the humid jungles of home (far across the Moshun Ocean) a loincloth is more than sufficient, however in the cooler climates of Auchindale the extra clothing is welcome. He wears a necklace of plain cord, to which is affixed a blue parrot feather and an assortment of teeth and claws of varying sizes.


Gale of Wind grew up in a distant land of rugged mountains and tropical jungles, hunting and training in and around his clan’s cliff-side village. While still deeply bound to his clan, when an opportunity to attempt crossing the Moshun Ocean arose, Gale’s compulsive curiosity left him no choice but to leave and explore the larger world. He intends to discover as many stories, artifacts, experiences, and as much lore as possible to bring back knowledge and honor for his clan once he reaches old age.

Not long after a chance landing on the shores of Auchindale, Gale found an unlikely home-away-from-home in Duncaster. It turned out to be an ideal crossroads, and the local chapter of the Adventurer’s Guild was the first place that felt truly welcoming to this unusual wanderer.

At this point Gale is at least recognized by most residents of Duncaster, and certainly by every member of Adventurer’s Guild Post #132. His familiarity is also in no small part due to his proclivity to warmly greet strangers with the simple hope of hearing a new story, rumor, or news from afar. Gale’s customary welcoming ritual, which he spontaneously started shortly after first setting foot within the Shaggy Wolf Lodge, is that upon spying a new face in the tavern he will slip away to the closest tributary, only to return a few minutes later to introduce himself and present the newcomer with a fresh fish, wrapped neatly in a package of leaves when available. (The Shaggy Wolf Lodge’s cook has grown accustomed to bewildered travelers who find themselves unexpectedly in possession of such gifts, and has developed several ways to quickly prepare the variety of local stock.)

While his various obsessions tend to be fleeting, the one he never tires of is honing his skills as a monk, for they are an honored specialty of his secretive clan. A new monastery or opportunity to learn techniques is always worth a side-trip! Over time, travelers looking to hire a scout at the Adventurer’s Guild have found Gale of Wind’s talents admirably suited to the task.

Gale of Wind

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