Half-Elf Bard


Brown hair and skin, Blue eyes.
Markas has the windblown and tanned skin of a veteran Sailor
He often plays the pipes when not casting spells, just to improve the mood of the party.
He has very sharp eyes, and loves to learn new songs and stories


Having grown up in the tiny village of Duncaster, Markas was eager to go out into the world and see what was to be seen. He spent his days as a boy pulling on the skirt strings of Eilein Al’en begging for little jobs to do. Baking bread, feeding horses, carrying water, anything to be in the company of the adventurers of Local 132. He drank in the stories like a boy in the desert. On the morning of his 17th birthday, Eilein presented him with a roll of parchment and 5 GP. The letter was to an old acquaintance of hers, a fishing captain on the Moshun Ocean. Markas was overjoyed. All his life, he had been waiting for an opportunity to DO something with his life. Markas journeyed to Hull Cove and met up with the captain and crew of the fishing boat. He spent the next 10 years fishing and working on the boat, making a family for himself. Being an orphan, he had never felt more at home or accepted than by the men and women of the crew. He began to notice things would happen when he played his pipes during the celebrations and events on the boat. The music of the sea is in his bones, and he found himself able to channel that energy to affect his surroundings. With this newfound ability, he decided to leave his crew and his family to return to the place where he spent his childhood. Markas has only one idea in mind, to help the people of his village, and be a part of the Adventurer’s Guild, local 132. Brimming with excitement and newfound magic, Markas is recently returned home to find that the place he left all those years ago has changed very little. Eilein Al’en still heads the adventurers guild and he is forever indebted to her for providing the letter of recommendation that allowed him to find a family and make his home.

Markas is still discovering his magic. So far it has been relatively unpredictable unless he is concentrating on nothing else by playing his pipes. Singing and playing makes everything easier, but all the magic seems to revolve around the sea and the salt air of the ocean. He is sure to discover other amazing abilities as the adventures progress, but his ties to the sea will probably be the strongest source of his magic.


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