Rahzon the Red

Half-Elf Fighter


For Rahzon, life is a stage and he will be the star. The brightest, most heroic star of them all. He heard the tales growing up of the great heroes and dastardly villains that they would thwart. While his younger brother was off working odd jobs and being mostly responsible, Rahzon hung out near the bars and the 132 listening to the stories and pretending to work.

They were both orphans and essentially raised by the town. When they needed help or some item, someone would help them. They slept where ever they could, but usually, it was in the loft of the stables or the attic of the 132. At night, they would share all the stories they had heard that day and go to sleep dreaming of far off places or great heroes.

As he got older, the stories started to wane and other interests came about. He volunteered to spar with anyone who wanted. It was during one of these matches that he got the better or a guild member and happen to do it in front of a young lady named Lillian Omaran. Lillian had been traveling with her father to Duncaster making a delivery of goods to the guild. It was that day that Rahzon discovered his two greatest loves: rapiers and women. A fling with Lillian was brief and fierce but ended quickly. At first, he was heartbroken as every young man is after finding his first “true love.” Then he met another, and another, AND another. Soon, it became apparent to him that he was going to need to leave town. It seemed that not everyone appreciated his “loving” ways, especially all the young ladies he had met. So, grabbing his sword, leaving his brother a handful of gold and a pat on the head, Rahzon set out to see the world. And women. And to become famous. How else better to gain the attention of young beautiful women than to be a famous swordsman.

In his travels, he met up with a small troupe of performers who initially hired him to travel as a guard, but soon he was part of the group. His outgoing ways and a knack for playing the yarting, he became part of Friar Moon’s Wandering Wanderers of Wonderment. Traveling with them for years, he learned many things, met many people, and saw many places.

Recently, there travels brought him near Duncaster. They parted ways so he could visit the old town and found himself joining the guild. Guild member. Traveling performer. Yes, soon the world will learn of Rahzon the Red.

Rahzon the Red

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