Rylie Yuzuka

Au Ra Dragoon

  • Hair as black as the darkest cave
  • Skin as white as the pale moonlight
  • Darting, beady eyes with sky blue irides
  • Thicc, dragon-esque tail ending just above the ground when standing
  • Dark grey, curled horns extend from the sides of her head, just above the ears. They end at a sharp point just below eye-level
  • Gleaming around the tips of her horns are silver cuffs, similar to ones some may wear around their ears
  • Always walks around in public with a dark-colored hood up
  • Does it for the XP

Growing up in a nomadic tribe from the Ghostwood Desert that was comprised of mainly females, Rylie grew up with a different outlook and perspective. She was raised with the understanding that every being is their own person, complete with their own personality, nuances, and beliefs. These ideals came with a natural attraction to the God, Trithereon. The tribe already put things like individuality, liberty, retribution, self-defense first. This meant that there was a wide-spread and willful belief in this higher power.

Rylie’s tribe of fellow Xaela were not like normal nomads, for it was the females who did the majority of fending for food and resources, as well as defending the tribe as a whole. She grew up learning how to properly wield a spear and similar weapons. They trained to hone their natural athleticism and mold themselves to an acrobat-like status, jumping, rolling, and practically flying across fields and to great heights.

There may not be much in a barren desert like Ghostwood, but one notable feature are the Jubokko trees. It is widely known between desert-dwelling Au Ra tribes that the tree are known to seem like harmless, dead plants, however, they are forbidden to be touched. Mere moments later, those who touch the Jubokko trees are essentially absorbed into its trunk. The only remnant being left behind is a terrified silhouette of those who succumbed to the harsh desert in an attempt to rest their weary head.

While hunting with a small group of tribespeople, they were ambushed by a group of bandits who had spotted them carving out slabs of meat to bring back home. The trio of hunters were brutalized to the point of being left for dead. When Rylie awoke back at camp, she was distraught upon learning the unfortunate and final fate of her companions. She vowed that vengeance would be brought down on her attackers. She was warned by the tribe elders that the vengeance she wanted would also come with banishment (albeit reluctant). Accepting her fate, she sought out her attackers and exacted her revenge.

Without much more than her trusty halberd, the clothes on her back, and a knapsack, Rylie took off into the world. Traveling here and there, performing the occasional odd-end job and doing favors for a night of shelter or a hot meal. After getting the lay of the land, she started taking more bounty hunting jobs. These ranged anywhere from finding a lost puppy, to confronting criminals and the like using whatever means necessary. Regardless of the job, the experience was priceless. She eventually found her way to Duncaster, where she now resides after slowly but surely working her way into the Adventurer’s Guild, using her bounty hunting experience as a welcomed foot in the door.

Rylie Yuzuka

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