The Valley of Auchindale

Windemere: One of the three major cities of Auchindale. Heavily fortified on its western border protecting the region from the orcish tribe of Orbakh. Pop. ~140,000

Hull Cove: This fishing and port town set among the palm trees was the first populated establishment in Auchindale. Port facilities and merchants buildings line the stone sea wall. Also part of the docks is the ship building warehouse. Pop. ~1,500

Duncaster: The most centralized town on the trade route of Hero's Road set near the midway point between the region's two largest cities of Windermere and Dewhurst. This is where our adventure starts.Pop. ~500

Blackfathom Hallows: An old, abandoned iron mine about 25 miles north of Duncaster that has recently been inhabited by a goblin encampment.

Dewhurst: Another of the larger cities of Auchindale. The city gets its name from the Northern mountain range and the river that flows around it. The river provides natural protection on all sides. Pop. ~82,000

Kinstead: The smallest of the major cities. It does most of its trading from the trade route to the south. A fair amount still comes from Duncaster. Pop. ~52,500

Fort Aramore: Despite being set between the dangerous Serpents Marsh and the treacherous Forlolthin Forest, this has been a prosperous establishment for civilian and military operations. Pop. ~3,000

Beershire: The town has a thriving economy, which is mainly supported by beer brewing, There is not much here save for the brewers and the ale houses, which house many of the denizens, however short a time they may pause in their travels. Pop. ~13,600

Wintercrest: The realm that conjoins the mountain to the plains. Home to the dwarven city of Kharamunz. It also hosts the border town named after the region. Pop. ~1,000

Amplefort Ruins: A once heavily fortified stronghold that has been overrun by trolls. 

Kharamunz: A dwarven stronghold carved into the foothills of the Dewhurst mountains. Pop. ~750

Egrondin: This primarily elven city also has some human and half-elf scattered amongst its denizens.. Most of the buildings are constructed from living trees and is is defended by arcane wards. It is ruled by the tyrant elf, Lord Nerwende. Pop. ~12,150

Forlolthin Forrest: The southern forest is home to the regions elves. A natural habitat for spiders and wolves. 

Orbakh: The outpost hosts the orcs of the region lead by Gorbold the Unrelenting.

Mt. Grimsby: This menacing volcano is the largest of the Dewhurst peaks. 

Berkworth: A halfling village. Set near the base of the falls of the Ashfall River.Pop. ~300

Moshun Ocean: The large ocean laying to the west of Auchindale. Great fishing, but harsh and inhospitable.

Azzbury Swamp: An expansive swampland bordering Auchindale to the east. Terrain is impassable by most accounts, but what is truly keeping people from exploring are the spirits that haunt every square mile of the swamp.


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